About Us

Glad you checked in

The Run Rehab is so much more than just an activewear brand (although we won’t deny that our t-shirts are very cool). At the core of what we do is a
drive to help women to feel strong, powerful and confident
as they crush their personal bests and run toward their healthy futures.

We want to make sure you look as good as you feel when that endorphin high hits by providing a stylish range of running t-shirts and sweatshirts that are designed by runners, for runners. Our line of running accessories, jewelry, medal holders, tumblers and more ensure that you can incorporate your love for running into your
lifestyle and your home to serve as a constant reminder that you are always
only a few strides away from achieving your next personal best. 

We’re here for you

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started, The Run Rehab aims to empower you to get fit, have fun and chase the best version of yourself
every day.
We support women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness
levels in their quest to run their best by breaking down the stereotypical
image of what a runner looks like.

As long as you have the drive to move your body from one point to another, you have what it takes to be a runner. We believe that running is beneficial for everyone which is why we encourage more women to step out with confidence and run like nobody’s watching. 

Why we do what we do

We already know that women run the world and now our brand is here to make sure they look and feel fierce while doing it. Our mission is to build and support a community of empowered women who are passionate about running and obtaining optimum health through exercise.

Countless studies have proven that running reduces anxiety, relieves stress and encourages a peaceful state of mind. That’s where we found the inspiration for running as a form of rehab from life’s challenges, giving women a tried-and-tested method to reset and recover. When you are able to restart from a calmer, more motivated place, the challenges that once seemed insurmountable to you suddenly look smaller and easier to overcome.

We also love that running puts women back in touch with their bodies as they push themselves and grow a little stronger every day. It’s hard not to be positive about your body and its incredible potential when you get to check in, get physical and celebrate your personal progress on a daily basis!

You are our inspiration

There’s a reason why a difficult task is commonly referred to as a “marathon”. Although we love to run, we know that it doesn’t come easy for everyone. It takes guts to get out there every day, push yourself, dust yourself off and try again when you fall short.

Our brand is driven by your determination to be the best that you can be and we promise to do the same as we provide you with our distinctive activewear and running accessories that are tailored to real women’s needs and bodies. We love to compete, but we never define ourselves by our rankings, times or medals.

What matters most to the Run Rehab community is how loudly we cheer each other on as we each aspire to reach our personal best. We can’t wait to run beside you on your journey!